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 Aylesford Pottery     1954 - Present

Aylesford Pottery 1954 - Present

The pottery at Aylesford Priory in Kent was established in 1954 by David Leach who stayed for a year before handing over to Colin Pearson who left in 1961. The pottery now runs courses at its own school of ceramics.

Aylesford Pottery - Cylinder vase

Cylinder vase
33cm x 15cm

Aylesford Pottery - Ash glazed teapot

Ash glazed teapot
21cm x 25cm

Aylesford Pottery - Goblet

13.5cm x 10cm

Aylesford Pottery - Decanter

21cm x 13cm

Aylesford Pottery - Handled dish

Handled dish
5cm x 13cm

Aylesford Pottery - As glazed coffee set

As glazed coffee set
16.5cm x 16cm

Aylesford Pottery - Small casserole

Small casserole
15.5cm x 17.5cm