Mike's Pots



The 2020 coronovirus lockdown gave me the opportunity to spend some time re-engineering the Ceramike.com studio pottery site. At the time I was having some issues with the hosting company so I decided to create a new website - MikesPots.co.uk, host it elsewhere and allow Ceramike to remain as a legacy site until Spring 2022. Ceramike was designed way back in 2002 when around 85% of people surfed the web with Internet Explorer on Windows, those days are long gone and we now have multiple devices, operating systems and web browsers. Another reason for the new site is to ensure that visitors get a good experience whether they are on a smartphone, tablet or traditional computer.

At the outset, MikesPots had pretty the same content as Ceramike, and over time the plan is for it to grow with useful and interesting features for fellow studio pottery enthusiasts. I believe that in this social media dominated world a traditional website with information that is always available is a very useful resource.


Mike Sanderson,
St. Agnes,

July 2020